1. New video coming soon and *gasp* it’s a style one. Sorry I didn’t upload tonight 😭 I’m recovering from my illness 😣

  2. To the most brilliant and beautiful girl I know- and who I’m lucky to call sister ❤ @parisjames13 Congratulations on getting the City of Toronto International Student Award for Academic Excellence 🎉 you show that you truly can have it all-beauty and brains and so much more!! Can’t wait to see you soon. Love you mrit 👯


  3. #VainGirl Spotlight Interview


    Since meeting the amazing team at Vain Pursuits, not only has my idea about skin care changed drastically- there are SO many factors that affect skincare-I’ve been given the amazing opportunity to host a mega giveaway on my channel that is still open to all of my viewers & readers in Canada and the US.

    The rules have changed a bit to accommodate those who don’t have various social media accounts…

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  4. Yayy my interview with @vain_pursuits is up!! You can read all about how I started YT, what I like about myself the most, beauty rules I break and so much more ❤ head across to @vain_pursuits to read or here’s the link http://bit.ly/1yu6Bq8 (will also be in my info right now) hope you enjoy!!! #vaingirl #vainpursuits

  5. Hot chocolate ❤

  6. You know you have a problem when you love nudes this much #makeup #palettes

  7. When you want big meaty (in my case vegetarian) burgers without the carbs…coming to theclassyitgirl.com #yummy #food #Burger #grill


  8. Moschino, Barbie and Milan Fashion Week

    Moschino, Barbie and Milan Fashion Week


    Moschino and Barbie. That is all.

    Forget last year’s presentation on McDonald’s. This years Spring 2015 collection is TDF if you’re a huge fan of Barbie. And seriously, it’s Barbie.

    Everything from the bright catching colours, pink, couture dresses, pink, a model on roller-skates and did I mention, pink? It was legit like a show made for the girls of the fashion Barbie world. Say bye bye Mattel…

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  9. The collection that only grows when I go NYC #MAC #makeup #lipstick 💄

  10. DIY This! Sooo this is how cosy and fall inspired my desk looks now with all the #DIYs I did. Can you spot them all? Which did you like the most? Remember you can use them anywhere in your room!  🍂🍁🍃

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