2. DIY Gumball Machine Costume | Easy& Inexpensive

    DIY Gumball Machine Costume | Easy& Inexpensive


    Hello my loves! For today’s last minute Halloween tutorial, I’m showing you how to make this super easy gum ball machine costume. I also made a slight adjustment to the “machine” itself and instead of putting it on my skirt, I made a little prop with it. I felt like this was a little more appropriate as you can well imagine the comments if 25c was stuck to your crotch.

    I hope you enjoyed the…

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  3. thingsweletinthefire said: Love your blog and videos!!Just for curiosity,which course you did on university?(Sorry for the bad grammar,english is not my first language)

    Hello love! You grammar is perfect :) I have a Major in Biochemistry and a Minor in Biotechnology. XO!


  4. Inner Demons| My Spiritual Journey

    Inner Demons| My Spiritual Journey

    It’s been eons since I wrote anything on RLWR but within good reason. I had a very hard past two months where everything I thought I knew was reduced to nothing. Before YouTube and before anything really, I was always a writer and I’ve been told many times I have a way with words. With the way that I was feeling, I knew that if I took to writing it here, it would have resulted in a very…

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  5. Okay soooo I know this is going to sound super crazy and I feel a blog post coming up soon, but I had to share piece of it with you. I have been utterly and completely a broken mess for a very long time now, but I would plaster a smile on my face and pretend that everything was okay. I felt so hurt and betrayed by people I loved and I felt so alone. Last week this time around I cried myself to sleep. I couldn’t take it anymore and I felt that suffocating feeling - you know THE feeling. The next day I woke up angry, hurt and frustrated and I felt so hopeless. As it turned out, that day I met someone for the first time-totally randomly I know-who began praying over me. She started saying things that were in my mind that she couldn’t have possibly known. She even said how she felt how broken my heart was. I was legit on the verge of tears by then. Suddenly, she stopped and said, you know what God just told me. He said you don’t worship him. He said you’ve suffered so much all you need to do is worship him and everything in your way will be removed. At that point I just,started bawling my eyes out. That day I felt the presence of God in my life and I knew I was saved. There’s sooo much more to this story that I’ll soon be posting, but I had to share a bit with you in case you were going through something similar. Never underestimate the power of prayer and God. You are not alone. I can’t wait to share my spiritual journey with you ❤


  6. Divali / Desi Makeup

    Divali / Desi Makeup


    Hello my loves! I know it’s almost Halloween but it’s going to soon be Divali and in Trinidad, we celebrate many different cultures. We’re a very multicultural society, what can you expect?

    Of course, I didn’t do it too bold or dramatic because I wanted to do something that was still true to me. But stay tuned because the fun…

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  7. Finally cleaned my make#vanity area 🙌 let’s see how long it’ll stay like this haha

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  8. Loveee my #ourskinny shakes 😍they are so perfect if you’re always on the go and it’s so nutritious too!! I’m a working girl so this is everything I need all in one bottle.

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  10. Shop TheClassyItGirl!


    For the past few months, I really wanted to provide a platform where my amazing readers and viewers can shop some of my favourite products. So many times in my videos, my viewers would be like where did I get this?? And all that jazz, so I decided to start up my own little online store. You can shop through my direct store here or you can go through my FB pageand click the Shop TheClassyItGirl…

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