L.A. Girl Glazed Lip Paints Review & Swatches

L.A. Girl Glazed Lip Paints Review & Swatches


For my Beauty on a Budget series this month, I’m featuring the L.A. Girl Cosmetics Glazed Lip Paints because they really are a must-try must-have product. I was a bit hesitant at first since glosses really aren’t my think [you know I’m mad about matte] but these were different from the typical glosses that I’ve tried-and disliked- for many reasons.


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This. Is. Everything. Bow down to THE Queen 👑

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This. Is. Everything. Bow down to THE Queen 👑

Wannabe Lazy Nights

After being a constant workaholic, there are times when I feel absolutely lazy. Like now. When I’m alone, the laziness is more persistent but I guess that that’s to be expected right? TBH though, I never fully allow myself to be lazy because let’s face it, I’m a working girl, I have school (HULLOOOO Masters soon!) and I run YouTube Channel, two blogs and a bunch of social media networks that I…

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Beyonce’s Back to School Stationery Line?!

Beyonce’s Back to School Stationery Line?!


I love Queen B and anything she  does is #FLAWLESS. Take for instance, her fab back-to-school bundle where you can get 6 BEYoutiful pieces of stationery for only $75. Would you splurge? I sure would!

And you may be wondering why the backpack is highlighted but lemme give you the DL. The back packs are $125 and are part of a limited edition collection. But that’s not all. When you buy one, one…

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Coming this week to theclassyitgirl.com ❤ Grilled salmon with a delicious blueberry balsamic sauce

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Coming this week to theclassyitgirl.com ❤ Grilled salmon with a delicious blueberry balsamic sauce

Eggplant Mozzarella Pizza


With my new healthy lifestyle and all, there has got to be some obvious cravings- for instance, pizza. But how do you satisfy your cravings without the guilt or the carbs?

An easy solution is eggplant mozzarella pizza which just keeps me coming back for more. It’s so easy to make and you can get it done in like less than 30 minutes [P.S.- it’s way less time btw if  you exclude the baking time].


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Dentist Trauma & Painkillers actually work??

Dentist Trauma & Painkillers actually work??

Okay so I’m one of those people who just don’t believe in medicine until absolutely necessary and I mean absolutely necessary a.k.a life and death we’re talking about here. I dunno I just feel like you should be strong enough to fight it off and instead of just filling yourself up with meds.

That’s just the way I feel so yes, I would be totally ignorant and sit and suffer my life away until…

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Memebox Dermacosmetics- K beauty

Memebox Dermacosmetics- K beauty


It’s that time again for all my beauty subscription lovers and perhaps even lovers of all things K-beauty to see what I got in my Memebox! This time it was a Superbox [oh, so fancy] and it was called the Dermacosmetics [even fancier] Box #2.

Like always, if you’re new to my blog and posts like these, I give a little background on this subscription box. Memeboxis completely different from most…

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Craving pizza but not the carbs? Coming soon on theclassyitgirl.com

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Craving pizza but not the carbs? Coming soon on theclassyitgirl.com

Lifestyle vs Diet?

Okayy so basically in the past, when it came to me losing weight or just getting fit, I would just ‘diet’ or prentend to diet #awkward, but instead, there would be a ton of things I would cheat with. For instance, blaming the constant fast food on the fact that my mom doesn’t cook, the pizza I just had to eat because of the sleepover with my friends…and the list can go on and on.

Also, the BAD…

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